Valentine’s Day Baking Part 1

Today I completed my first round of Valentine’s Day baking. I’ve got double duty because February 14 is also my boyfriend’s birthday! So tomorrow I will be making his birthday cake. But, he wanted to bring a treat to share at work, so I made strawberry fudgey cupcakes with the best buttercream I’ve ever made.

Of course, I found the recipe on Pinterest – originally posted on Six Sister’s Stuff  as Neapolitan cupcakes. I was first intrigued by the picture and then read on to find that these cupcakes combine strawberry cake, brownies and buttercream! A total triple threat! The recipe uses boxed mixes, so I did too. But these are so good that they are worth finding homemade strawberry cake and brownie recipes to make them even better! I will definitely be trying a totally homemade version soon.

The actual cupcakes were easy, since they were from box mixes (although the recipe doesn’t follow the box instructions so make sure you read carefully!). The buttercream frosting was also super simple. The recipe is also found on Six Sister’s Stuff. It was light, fluffy and the perfect amount of sweetness (despite the 4 cups of powdered sugar used!).

In the end, I had extra strawberry cake batter, so I made about a dozen mini-cupcakes to keep at home for the fam. I found some v-day themed sprinkles in the cupboard to add some holiday cheer! I’m sure the boys will love the pink…

Strawberry Fudge Cupcakes!

Check back tomorrow for a cake that is suppose to taste like a giant peanut butter cup!


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