Cheese Stuffed Burgers

Yesterday, Bob and I watched probably close to 6 hours of the Cooking Channel. And besides one show called Little Paris Kitchen, which of course made me want to move to France ASAP, it seemed all the shows were about food trucks. At first all these shows made me jealous that I don’t live in a big city where food trucks line the street with food ranging from grilled cheese to foie gras sliders to mini pies. But then, I got inspired to try and cook some of the dishes that caught my eye. One of the dishes that made my mouth water was at a burger truck that made cheese stuffed burgers. As I watched people cut their burgers in half and saw the ooey gooey cheese, I turned to Bob and said, “We have to make those tomorrow for dinner!” So we did.

There really isn’t a recipe for this dish, and the idea isn’t earth shattering. You just need hamburger, seasoning, cheese, buns and your favorite toppings.We kept ours very classic with cheddar, but you could really stuff your burger with any kind of cheese.

To shape the patties we used a large circle cookie cutter, but it’s not necessary. If you do have something to shape them, simply fill  it half way with seasoned ground hamburger, add the cheese and another layer of hamburger, then grill. We used our handy dandy George Foreman since it was snowing/sleeting in Green Bay.


To give the burgers even more flavor, Bob added a little garlic butter to the buns and toasted them on the George Foreman too.

The burgers looked great, but the best view was definitely when I cut mine open! And for some reason, the burgers tasted better with the cheese in the middle compared to just being on top.






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