It’s Been Too Long…

My absence is due to two things:

1. I’ve been moving into my new place

2. I don’t have any food in my new place

But tonight I was fed up with frozen pizza leftovers, so I made a little breakfast for dinner.

I kind of felt like a real “chef” making this, despite how simple it is. I literally went out to my porch to grab fresh basil, oregano and parsley. I chopped up a small clove of garlic and threw it together with the eggs and some ham. It really is amazing how good it tasted!!!

Moving has been quite the ordeal, especially since Bob works nights. All week I’ve been washing dishes, cleaning cupboards and lining shelfs. And let me tell you I’m exhausted and we still are no where near being actually moved in. I do have lots of ideas for decorating and unique storage solutions so stay tuned for pictures as I make our little place beautiful!!!


About Nicole Hangartner

A college grad navigating the real world while trying to remain fashionable and well fed. View all posts by Nicole Hangartner

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