Spring is Here!

The weather here has been positively spring like this past week and a half and it is suppose to continue through the weekend! Just in time too! I just finished dancing in The Dance Company’s production of Snow White, so now I will be able to enjoy all of my weekends! To celebrate, Bob and I grilled out personal pizzas last night and I broke out my favorite spring item – skirts!

The pizzas were so easy and OMG so delicious! All that this recipe involves is buying flatbread ( I bought extra for sandwiches during the week), pizza sauce (I found some at Festival for 97 cents), cheese and what ever toppings you like. Bob and I picked pepperoni, bell peppers and mushrooms. We put our pizzas together on a piece of tin foil and then put them straight on the grill. Since the flatbread is already baked, we didn’t have to worry about grilling both sides. So once the cheese was melted they were done! Bob decided it was a beer night and since I don’t like beer, I bought the next closest thing – Woodchuck Hard Cider. I love the original and raspberry, so I tried the pear flavor. It’s just as good and it makes me think of summer!

Grilled Flatbread Pizza

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck...













The second great thing about the beautiful weather is breaking out my fun colored and floral skirts. And I love pairing a flirty, flouncy skirt with a structured blazer and a belt. This particular jacket is pretty special. I bought it in Paris during my junior year of high school, and I hope it never wears out! If you look past my pasty white legs, it’s a pretty outfit.

Spring skirts can be worn in the office with the right jacket!

OH… one more thing about the weather that makes me happy is that it makes my baby Brooklyn so happy too!

Playing outside!


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