Two days of work looks

Even though my new office has a casual dress code, I have a closet full of “fancier” clothes, so I doubt I will be wearing jeans more than once a week. However, the more laid back dress code does give me a more wiggle room to be a little trendier I feel.

I decided to post one of the bad pictures I got yesterday of my first day outfit just because I liked it so much. Don’t judge the outfit by the way I look in this picture! The blazer is from H&M, the pants and shoes are from Target!

First day of work outfit!

My second day of work outfit is more traditional work wear, but in a playful way. I played with print and color in this outfit. The overall tones of the outfit are shades of blue – navy and lighter shades. My first twist included pairing the blue-toned outfit with a coral cardigan. One of my fashion pet peeves is being too matchy-matchy. Navy is a neutral, so it can be paired with any color you want. So don’t be afraid to pick an unexpected accent color and add it in with a cardigan, your shoes or a belt. The second twist – putting a louder print on a more traditional shaped skirt. The pieces themselves make the outfit appropriate for a more conservative office environment, but the color combo and the print make it office chic! The cardigan is from Target and the blouse and skirt are from Kohls.

Second day of work outfit


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One response to “Two days of work looks

  • Jodi-Kay

    I’m so guilty of being too matchy matchy, once you get your taxes back we should take a little trip to the outlet malls to see what we can find! Cute 1st and 2nd day outfits! Bought some shoes at target the other day that I would have never seen myself wearing but they are def. my new favorites 🙂

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