Healthier Corn Dogs

I’ve been severely slacking on my posts, but I gave up being lazy for Lent so hopefully posts will be more frequent… fingers crossed!

Despite my hesitance towards hot dogs, I’ve always loved corn dogs and the other day I thought they sounded like an excellent dinner. Since corn dogs are usually not very good for you and usually come frozen in a giant box, I looked around for a homemade recipe. What I found was an interesting and healthier take on them on the Happy Good Time Blog – Corn Dog Mini Muffins.

They look a little funny, but they taste good!

Basically, it’s a corn bread muffin with a hot dog stuffed in the center. I used the homemade corn bread recipe found on the blog, but boxed mix would work too! The recipe takes out most of the components of a corn dog that make it unhealthy – the frying and the butter. By substituting unsweetened applesauce for the butter in the corn bread and baking the muffins instead of deep frying, the result is a tasty and healthier treat! The recipe also suggests using turkey dogs, which is another healthier substitution. I followed the suggestion and couldn’t even tell the difference in taste. My little brother, who would never eat a turkey dog if you told him what it was, loved these!

Ketchup frosting?

The only negative I have is that these corn bread muffins don’t have the crunch that a carnival or frozen corn dog has, but the taste is almost exact.

P.S. I got a big girl job! So expect posts about my favorite topic – being office chic- and lots more home cooked meals and lunches!


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