Causal Date Night

With working over nights at Target my boyfriend and I don’t seem to see much of each other. So tonight we decided to go out for a casual dinner! I’m still searching for a truly delicious Italian restaurant in Green Bay (we don’t have a Spaghetti Factory or Maggiano’s or Buca di Beppos or one of those super authentic “hole” in the wall places…sad face). We decided to try Bilotti’s Pizza and Italian Garden.

New pink blazer in action

For my outfit, I tried out my new pink blazer from the Mall of America. I paired it with a gray ruffled Loft shirt, dark skinny jeans, black boots and a long strand of pearls. For Green Bay and the restaurant, even in this I seemed a little overdressed. But being overdressed is a usual occurrence for me.

As for the food, it was good…not great though. We ordered bruschetta as our appetizer and it was different than any other bruschetta I’ve ever had. Usually it’s some crispy bread, fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil. At Bilotti’s, the bread and cheese were toasted like garlic bread with a slice of tomato on top. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted good but it was not what I expected when we ordered bruschetta.


Also not what we expected was my boyfriends calzone. You say calzone and you think of pizza dough wrapped around cheese and other pizza toppings. The one that ended up on our table was cheese wrapped in a thin dough and completely covered in meaty marinara sauce. It tasted pretty good, but it’s probably safe to say that we won’t be ordering that again. As for me, I got the stuffed shells.

Stuffed shells

These were very tasty, but not outstanding. Nothing compared to the deliciousness of the Spaghetti Factories’ crab ravioli.

The price points were decent – about $15 for an entree, salad and garlic bread. If we do end up going back, I think we’ll try the pizza!

What do you think are the best Italian restaurants in the Green Bay area?


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