Fashion Bucket List

I’m in Minnesota for the weekend and what trip to this Wisconsin neighbor would be complete without a trip to the Mall of America! I didn’t have a lot of money to spend, so a lot of the day was window shopping, but I did come away with a few fabulous things…at great deals!

Guess PurseMy first purchase was a new purse. When my boyfriend and I went to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday, I got a black and rhinestone Guess purse. Since it’s been two years since then, it was obviously time for an upgrade! I can’t believe I made it two whole years without buying a new (main) purse. On a side note, I think it would be fascinating to find out why women love purses so much.

I did some research before our trip on the Guess website because I knew I wanted to get a new purse. Luckily, the one I fell in love with online was in the store. Originally priced at $118, marked down to $79.00 with the best yet to come…an additional 40% off! My final total: $51.48! Not only is it cute on the outside, but the inside lining is also a fun, flirty print!

My second purchase was a boyfriend shaped, pink blazer. I have been looking around forever trying to find one of these that I liked and that wasn’t ridiculously expensive. I found a Lauren Conrad one at Kohl’s after Christmas, but on sale it was close to $70. But today, in H&M I found it on sale for $24.95 (originally $29.99).Bravo to Minnesota too for NOT having sales tax!! It’s safe to say that it’s a good thing Green Bay doesn’t have an H&M because even though their clothes are inexpensive, I could do some major damage in there if given the chance.Pink Blazer

My third treat at the mall was some Gelati from Paciugo – a gelato and coffee cafe. Even though we had to walk all the way around the mall to get it, it was totally worth it! You got to pick three different flavors (if you wanted) for a small, four for a medium and five for a large. I just got a small with pistachio, wedding cake and chocolate chocolate chip flavors. They had tons of flavors to choose from, so some pre-purchase sampling was definitely necessary to achieve the right combination!


My trip to the biggest mall in America inspired a fashion bucket list. Here are the top 5 fashion items I would buy if I had unlimited monetary funds. A couple of the items might be within my reach in the future !

#5 – A real Italian leather motorcycle jacket, smooth as butter! (Dolce and Gabbana anyone?)

#4 – A Vera Wang  Wedding dress (I might be able to make this happen!)

#3 – This black lace Marchesa dress worn by Sarah Jessica Parker (one of my fashion idols)

#2 – A pair of Manolo Blahniks (also inspired by SJP and on my wedding wish list)

#1 – A classic black quilted Chanel purse


What’s on your fashion bucket list?



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