Chocolate and Macadamia Cupcakes

Last night I tried my 3rd recipe out of Wild About Cupcakes and they might have been the best yet!

Chocolate and Macadamia Cupcakes

These chocolate and macadamia cupcakes were fluffy and flavorful. Not only were they chocolately, but they also had a touch of cinnamon flavor. It was a yummy combination.

Besides the variety of cupcakes, one of the things I like about this book is that not all of the cupcakes have traditional frosting. These cupcakes had more of an icing – very similar to the icing I make for sugar cookies. Basically it was powdered sugar, unsweetened cocoa, vanilla and water. These cupcakes would be good for people who don’t like the sweetness of frosting or who don’t like a lot of frosting on their cupcakes.

Not only were these cupcakes delicious, but they were pretty too! I loved the simplicity of the icing and the macadamia “sprinkles.” In my eyes, this was a very sophisticated cupcake.

The batter for these cupcakes seemed to be thicker than usual cupcake batter – maybe because it was eggless? This was my first eggless baking experience. Beside the batter being thicker, I couldn’t even tell a difference. Plus, I could eat the batter without the fear of raw eggs (which rarely stops me anyways)!

My cupcakes ended up being about half as thick as they should have been, but I tried to fill all 24 liners when the recipe said it only made 18. It was almost a good thing though, because now they are little bites and you don’t have to feel guilty for eating two!


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