Clothes always put a smile on my face!

Here’s to my first fashion post!

Yesterday was the first day in a while that I got to wear normal clothes. By normal I mean anything other then pajamas and red shirts and khakis. I don’t get to dress up much because working nights at Target means I spend most of my day sleeping in my pjs. Anyways, the first outfit of the day – there were two – was a cute and casual look for coffee with the girls.

Look One

I’ve always loved the look of a crisp button up under a cozy sweater. I gave a nod to nautical with a cream sweater and royal blue button up. I paired this with dark skinny jeans (dark washes are always the most flattering) and my fav. riding boots. The jeans are from Target and I got them on sale for $15! I LOVE sales. Especially at places like Target where the prices are already pretty reasonable.

Look Two

The second outfit of the day was for my mom’s office Christmas party. I didn’t want to get too holiday-y since it was a post-Christmas, Christmas party. I decided to step out of the box and wear a dress/tunic thing my dad brought me home from China. Alone, it is basically a giant box of silk with an awesome pattern on it. But after I belted it, added purple tights and put on some boots, it was a cute and exotic look. I was a little worried that my mom’s office friends would think I was weird for wearing it, but I actually got quite a few compliments on it! Lesson learned – never be afraid to stand out a little.  I think it will also look very cute belted with sandals or wedges this summer!

On to another of my favorite topics – SHOPPING!

Today, I went to the mall with my mom and brother. My brother had a few gift cards to use and I wanted to look for a new cream sweater. I realized after I got home that the one I wore to coffee yesterday had a little rust stain on the sleeve that wouldn’t come out. I found some great deals on more than just the sweater though! At Kohls (another good store to find great sales all the time) I found a cute cable knit sweater on sale for $14.99, originally $36! I also decided to look for a pair of new black dress pants for any upcoming interviews I might have. The ones I currently own I believe I’ve had since high school. I had no luck at Kohls, but stopped into my absolute favorite store for cute work clothes – New York and Company. They were having a sale where if you bought two pairs of pants, you get 50% off both pair. So basically it’s buy one get one free. I bought two pairs for about $50! Considering one of the pairs was originally $52.99, this was definitely the deal of the day. I got my black pair and the second was dark navy (almost black) with a light pinstripe. I love that New York and Company has petite sizes because both were the perfect length for my 5’1” frame! After getting such a great deal, I also got a 30% off coupon that starts at the end of the month. New York and Company knows how to bring customers back!

I don’t know how long this sale lasts (note to self – I will check dates the next time so I can share), but if you’re looking for dress pants, I would check out New York and Company ASAP!


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