A couple of cupcakes

Happy New Year’s Eve!

So my quest to bake all 130 recipes from Wild About Cupcakes by Rachel Lane has officially begun! Not only does the book have tons of recipes at varying levels of difficulty, but it also points out ways to make cupcakes for special dietary needs such as diabetes and allergies to gluten, dairy and eggs.

Since I got the recipe book for Christmas, I’ve baked two of the recipes. The first was rhubarb and vanilla cupcakes for a little dinner party with my friends. You might be thinking…where did I get rhubarb in the dead of winter? One of my more brilliant ideas of 2011 was getting several pounds of fresh rhubarb from my grandma and freezing it. When it’s thawed, it’s not crunchy like it is fresh, but it still works perfectly for baking. Plus, you can chop it up frozen and add it to smoothies!

Rhubarb Vanilla Cupcakes

These cupcakes were under the Simple and Healthy chapter and they were just that – it took only 10 ingredients plus confectioners’ sugar for “frosting.” These were DELICIOUS! Very moist, flavorful and not too sweet – you could get away eating one for breakfast. Even my picky brother who doesn’t usually like things like rhubarb said they were good. I think what made them taste just that much better than an average cupcake was using an actual vanilla bean instead of just extract. It made all the difference in taste.

The second recipe, I made tonight for our laid back New Year’s Eve at home. After my boyfriend grilled up some steaks and potatoes (which is weird since it’s January), we enjoyed some cookies and cream cupcakes. Basically, they are chocolate cupcakes with crushed Oreos in them. I find it very satisfying to make the cupcakes from scratch… melting the chocolate and whipping my own whipped cream frosting. I think it makes the cupcake more delicious knowing I’m solely responsible for making it taste so good.

I may have overcooked these a little bit because the paper liners were kind of stuck to the cupcake, but there was one that just wouldn’t cook through. These tasted more like little brownie bites than cake, but hey, brownies are yummy too! I will probably be having seconds later tonight with my champagne!

Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

All this cupcake baking has just reaffirmed my desire to open up my own cupcake shop. Anybody interested in Cupcakes, Coffee and Cocktails? Yummy Cubed!


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